BCS Strips SC’s 2004 National Title

The BCS has vacated the results of the 2005 Orange Bowl. I am personally vacating the memories of every fat girl I hooked up with in college and that time I sharted my pants.

USC defeated Oklahoma 55-19 in the 2005 Orange Bowl and won the BCS title. But that didn’t really happen because some wannabe agent not affiliated with USC bought Reggie Bush’s Mom and Stepdad a house in San Diego. Reggie also got an Impala or something and some dinners at Red Lobster. Who cares. Time to move on.

The BCS also erased USC’s participation in the 2006 Rose Bowl USC lost to Texas, 41-38. I am pretty sure most SC fans already erased that game from their memory.

USC will get to keep The Associated Press national championship for that same year. It all makes perfect sense.


2 thoughts on “BCS Strips SC’s 2004 National Title

  1. let me get this right usc has been nailed to a cross for,ncaa infractions,that how many schools have been brought up on,like 15 to 20 school recently .And how many of them have had loss of scholorships,bowl bans,forfeited heisman award,and now a forfeited national title.None, a couple of 1, or 2, game suspensions, (boo hoo)Oh, did i mention that most of those schools, are from mid-west,east coast colleges.Sad thing is USC still has top rated recruiting class and real atheletes still want to play at USC.Hey ncaa your mid-west,east coast schools,still cant beat USC even with sanctions you “slack jaw faggots” FIGHT ON!

  2. lets move on…. lots of great football to be played for years to come…. fight-on!!!

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