This Is All Kinds Of Wrong of the Day: Black Friday Shoppers were reportedly unfazed after a man doing some late-night bargain hunting at a Target in South Charleston, WV, collapsed in the store.

Eyewitnesses told WSAZ that Southridge Shopping Center patrons walked around and, in at least one instance, walked over 61-year-old Walter Vance’s body as he lay motionless on the floor.

The store’s employees, apparently prohibited by policy from physically intervening, called 911. An ER nurse and an off-duty paramedic who eventually came across the scene and attempted to administer CPR.

Sadly, Vance was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a nearby hospital.

“Where is the good Samaritan side of people?” asked Sue Compton, a friend and co-worker of Vance. “How could you not notice someone was in trouble? I just don’t understand if people didn’t help what their reason was, other than greed because of a sale.”

In California, the woman responsible for pepper spraying shoppers at a San Fernando Valley Walmart so she could get her hands on an Xbox 360 turned herself in, but was let go after she refused to talk to police about the incident in question. At least 20 people were injured in the incident.

An investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, retailers may have set a new one-day sales record, raking in an estimated $11.4 billion — a 6.6% increase over last year. Online sales also did extremely well, yielding a 39.3% increase on Thanksgiving Day and a 24.3% increase on Black Friday.

One of the more interesting figures noted by analysts is the increase in things consumers bought for themselves: Self-purchases were up 11% over last year. 

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‘Tis the season for people to be hideous assholes. 

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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