Matt’s Back, look the hell out SEC!

1 more year: USC QB Barkley coming back!

Booyah Suckas!  A day after Ohio State got theirs… albeit, a pretty weak sanctioning job compared to what USC got for far less.  I mean Ohio had numerous players and their coach involved in different scandals from running drugs to selling memorabilia.  USC had one player who arranged a back-end deal to put his parents in a house.  No American in the country would turn down a house for their parents if it were offered… and needed.

I digress!  Time has been served and the golden boy is back for his senior year.  In line to be one of the next great USC QB’s, The Trojans are poised to play for a National Title next year.  No matter how corrupt the BCS is and how much favoritism is awarded to SEC teams next year, USC is fuckin’ back and we’re taking those hillbillies to the woodshed next year!



One thought on “Matt’s Back, look the hell out SEC!

  1. Hey There Sandiegosportswire,
    I know what you mean, Fantasy wwe show 1, week 1. what do you think?
    this is completley new. there are no champions and every show was put into one called wwe monday night main event. the titles are world heavyweight champion, wwe champion, u.s.a champion, women’s champion, intercontinetal champion, hardcore champion, and wwe tag team champions. This week there will be a show for every title. i will post each one right after the other.
    U.S champion: Matt Hardy vs. Finlay vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Mr. Kennedy: Matt Hardy goes after Mr Kennedy and Finlay goes after Shelton Benjamin. Mr Kennedy punches Matt hardy and suplexes him. He is dominating. Finlay is beating the hell out of Shelton Benjamin. He does a celtic cross and goes for the cover. Mr Kennedy breaks it up. He tries to put an attack on Finlay, but finlay low blows him and does a celtic cross. Then, Matt Hardy tries to attack Finlay only to get Celtic crossed. Finlay pins Matt Hardy and wins.
    Winner: Finlay
    time: 11 min 58 sec
    Keep up the posts!

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