Tee Martin is the New WR Coach

Former Tennessee quarterback Tee Martin was hired as the new receivers coach on Wednesday. Martin was the receivers coach at Kentucky for the past two seasons. He led Tennessee to the national championship in 1998.

Martin was very vocal about Kiffin’s departure from Tennessee in 2010. He told the Sporting News that he was surprised Kiffin left after just one season:

“We were led to believe that Lane Kiffin was going to be the next Phillip Fulmer, but he left a year later. Frankly, I’m embarrassed by the timing of it all. Lane Kiffin was hired to do a job for the University of Tennessee. He wanted everyone to buy into what he was selling, and then he left after one year.”

You can check out the whole article here….Water under the bridge.

USC also hired former Nebraska assistant Marvin Sanders as the defensive back coach and Scottie Hazelton as the new linebackers coach.


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