The next time you take a swipe at Social Media Experts, imagine you had just been stuck in the job of responding to all the tweets sent about Sony – Playstation and films and phones and televisions and hacks by Anonymous and their record labels and semiconductor operations. Imagine even finding the person in the organization that should answer each of those tweets. Imagine writing the guidelines for those people. Imagine accidentally asking a product designer a question, posting his answer, and then accidentally launching a press frenzy. It’s a thankless, crappy enough job without people insinuating that you have no skill.

Lay off the Social Media Experts by Rick Webb (via nickdouglas)

Being paid to be a Social Media Expert would be amazing.

So, I guess to any Social Media Expert upset by “people insinuating that you have no skill” I have to say: Wahhhhh

(via thenewhotness)

Haha dude, I am not a social media expert. I woke up at two. My primary accomplishment today was listening to the new Tindersticks album and making an omelette.  According to Klout, I am highly influential about Elton John. I currently have no income. 

(via rickwebb)

Kyle Bunch

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