FUCLA Basketball is Sh*tty

The UCLA basketball program made the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated for all the wrong reasons.

George Dohrmann profiles the dysfunction and mayhem of the once prestigious UCLA basketball program in this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated. The Bruins made three straight final fours between 2006 and 2008 but since then they have been pretty shitty for their standards. Dohrmann spoke with former players and coaches to try and find out what is wrong with UCLA basketball.

Some highlights from the article:


And my two personal favorites…

Reeves Nelson peeing on Tyler Honeycutt’s bed and clothes for being a snitch!

Ben Howland is a weirdo who:

“seemed obsessed with the temperature in the film room. If it was not exactly 76º a student manager was certain to feel Howland’s wrath. The water bottles handed to him had to be just cold enough and not too large.”

Basically the opposite of everything John Wooden and the Pyramid of Success stand for.

Click here to read to read Dohrmann’s article Not the UCLA Way.


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