Tre Madden Moves to RB

USC needs RB depth so they moved 6 foot 226 pound sophomore linebacker Tre Madden to running back. Madden played as a wildcat quarterback in high school at Mission Viejo. He started one game last year at linebacker and was a special teams star for the Trojans last season.

Madden said of the move,

“We’re just trying it out for this week, seeing how it fits the team. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll go back on D. I knew we were short on depth at running back,” he said. “So I thought I could benefit the team.

Running backs coach Kennedy Polamalu was very happy after practice telling the press,

“I don’t want to get way ahead of myself, but it was a very good start. Believe me; he looked like a football player out there. It’s fun for me to have something new to work with. I’m hoping that it’s longer (than a week). He’s so unselfish in the way that he can come over and help us out, because they obviously have pretty good depth over there at linebacker.”

Coach Kiffin said that Madden was clocked running an electronically timed 4.5 40-yard dash last month. Kiffin went on to say,

“He gives you a big guy that can run really fast. If it works out, we give ourselves something that we don’t have right now.”


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