Song Girl Thursday: 2004 Season

Let’s take a trip back to the 2004 season when the Trojans were BCS, AP and Pac-10 Champs. Here are your lovely Song Girls from that year.


3 thoughts on “Song Girl Thursday: 2004 Season

  1. The 2004 squad was sooooo hot,each one of the Song Girls on that squad had some really incredibly perfect HUGE spectacular big tits which I remember that year they loved sticking them out in their tight sweaters at the games.

  2. I remember that year, they did have some really big tits on that squad, I especially liked Sarah Carmona, the slutty-looking brunette with the big tits in the really tight Song Girl sweater in the third pic from the top on the extreme left. I used to jerk off to her all the the time when they showed her up close on tv and the cameraman zoomed in on her spectacular sweater puppies and she would raise her arms and jiggle her huge tits at the camera and smile like a typical cock-teasing Song Girl with great tits at the crowd.

    1. I was at’SC between 2003 and 2005, “Blizzard” is correct here, the 2004 squad was fucking hot and yeah, the Song Girls on that squad had some REALLY nice big tits that season,and I hate to admit it ’cause she was kind of a cunt unlike some of the other Song Girls but the comment from “Jango” is dead on about Sarah Carmona. We used to sit as close as possible by the band right in front of where Sarah was cheering ’cause she used to stick out her awesome, spectacular big tits and smile and tease like the sexy bitch she was all the time and she looked soooooo fucking hot in her tight Song Girl sweater.During Conquest and Tusk she would raise her arms high and deliberately stick out her huge tits at the crowd and jiggle them in her sweater. We soooo wanted fuck the living hell out of all the 2004 Song Girls and suck on their big tits and grope their tight sweaters but that Sarah Carmona made us want to chloroform her after a game and take her back to the frat house and tie her up and rape the shit out her!

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