Matt Barkley Out for Notre Dame Game

Matt Barkley will not play against Notre Dame at the Coliseum. He has a badly sprained shoulder after getting sacked late in the game Saturday. Redshirt Freshman Max Wittek will start against the Irish. No word on whether Barkley will be ready for a bowl game.


2 thoughts on “Matt Barkley Out for Notre Dame Game

  1. Hi Trojan Fans,Well heres a great plan fire kiffin have the haden coach the team vs ND i guarantee a win!!!!!????Barkley not playing is a ploy by kiffin to give him a excuse for all those loses he has this season!?Sincerely, Edward

  2. Hi Trojan FANS,hey Kiffin screwed the fans all season a loser Usc football not worth any attetion until they rid themselves of kiffin and his ugly old man coach who is way over the hill!/This cal coach could be a answer he was the experience needed to be a headcoach!?Barkley with confidence at a low ebb basically hid for the last game!!!???under kiffin his play was all downhill this season!?Sincerely, Edward ps EL STINKO big time!!!!!!!!

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