Improper NCAA Involvement in the USC Case?

Dennis Dodd at wrote an interesting story today about documents that appear to show improper NCAA involvement in the USC case. A link to his story after the jump…

Click here to check it out. You might want to bite on a wooden spoon while you read this.


2 thoughts on “Improper NCAA Involvement in the USC Case?

  1. Hi TRojan fans, tHERES NO EXCUSESfor lousey play other then lousey coaching,attitude and lack of effort!?Talk matters not unless factual!!!??These media folks news on players who quit on defense not cheerleader baloney!!!??Names and they need to leave the program pronto!?This witick stinks he winds up to toss long pass which are inaccurate anyway!?Sincerely, Edward PS DID THE KIFFINS LEAVE yet he kiffin looks acts like a clone like character!?

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