Marqise Lee Wins Biletnikoff Award

Marqise Lee is the best receiver in the nation. Was there every any doubt?


2 thoughts on “Marqise Lee Wins Biletnikoff Award

  1. Hi Trojan followers, gee feel a little down for barkley this season !?Maybe he can connect with Coach Carroll on the next level of play which would benefit him as a QB!?Let me understand this usc is in a minor bowl game against a team with a losing record !?YIKES gee whiz Lets hear it for Ohio State n umber one this season with out a doubt !!!!!?// Sincerely, Edward ps time has passed the ncaa by needs dealed with !!!!??//Miami !!!???

  2. Hi Trojan Fans, Hey uclugy got blown out by baylor who has a lousey defense!/Kiffin should be removed hes terrible!!!!???Sincerely, Edward

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