Latest Newspaper Circulation Numbers: The Song Remains the Same

Latest Newspaper Circulation Numbers: The Song Remains the Same


This up-in-the-air production is made possible by [John] Paton’s edict at JRC [Journal Register Company] (as he dictated at ImpreMedia before) that digital comes first, print last. If print comes first, newspaper people will worry about H&J (hyphenation & justification — that is, fitting text to finite holes in print designs). That dictated their process.

Jeff Jarvis makes an excellent point and gets me thinking: if fitting that rigid print format (or 30 or 60 minute news program format) doesn’t dictate process, what will? And don’t give me the idealistic “whatever’s best for the content” because that alone won’t make anybody money. Right now, if you look at a new model like Denton’s, it’s been pageviews driving process to some extent, right? Assuming the iPad doesn’t bring about a complete renaissance for subscription models, won’t pageviews or some metric defining the quantity of sellable advertising inventory drive process? And will that view-driven process be any better than one dictated by space on a page or minutes in a broadcast?

If this chart didn’t effectively get the message across, try the TechCrunch headline: From Terrible To Terrifying: Newspaper Ad Sales Plummet $2.6 Billion In Q1 2009

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