Vince Young is a dumbass

The infamous “Wonderlic” is basically an IQ test for NFL prospects. We have been guilty of accusing Vince Young of not being a bright guy before…. well eventhough we don’t put all our faith in a “test”, it appears we were more than right.

Vince Young scored a “6” on the Wonderlic. The lowest score is technically zero, but you get a point for writing your name and one of the questions is “What is the 9th month of the year”, which is multiple-choice by the way.


So Texas coach Mack Brown heard about this and nearly exploded (time for damage control).

Then news came that the test was improperly graded? (It’s multiple choice!) And then further word came from the Houston Chronicle that Vince Young was allowed a “do-over” and he got a “16”. Hahahahahahaha! Good job Einstein!


Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

65 thoughts on “Vince Young is a dumbass

  1. Speaking of “dumbasses”, looks like the fellow posting the original comment can’t spell any better than my seven-year-old daughter. What kind of idiot spells “even though” as one word?

    Also, that dumbass Vince Young is about to lead his NFL team to the playoffs.

    Also, how outdated are you? The original score was actually 16 (the same score Dan Marino made!), not the re-take. There was an error on the original test.

  2. you all are just jealous becuase vy RAPED you guys and you didnt get your 2nd in a row cuz it wouldntve been a 3rd cuz im sure tha lsu took home that crystal football in 03 and vy obviously deserved the heisman but hey reggie got his consolation prize! ha! usc sux!

  3. hey test or no test he kick yalls azz all over and guess what hes the best football player in the nfl now so f#*k the test fagg

  4. I am a USC fan myself but it does no good to diss a player who kicked our asses on the big stage. For a “dumbass”, he sure didn’t have any trouble reading the defense. This is really disappointing to see from another SC fan.

  5. anybody that likes usc is clearly retarded and doesnt deserve to even watch football leave VY alone he is the man look what he did this year

  6. you’re essentially making fun of yourselves by making fun of someone who beat your team…haha shows how smart you are

  7. Well now, we all know vince young is just simply a stud. Theres nothing else to it, ya leinart and reggie are good but who won rookie of the year and absolutely kicked ass in the rose bowl last year? Oh and who is on the cover of madden? Yes the answer to both of these questions is Vincet Paul Young Jr. I am sick of hearing people complain and complain just because the trojans suck. Also im pretty sure Reggie nor Matt did anywhere near as a good job that VY did. So on that note i say that all of you USC fans just need to shut up because VY is the best football player to come out of texas in a while and we all know Texas would absolutely demolish SC if they played…

  8. alright first of all i believe VY did better in the pro’s what what was that fag who plays for the cardinals name….alwell not important, but i do know that VY had a better record with the titans, even tho they sucked in the beginning but once fisher started him in shotgun VYs Strength what happened they won 6 straight games b/c VY is the man and yea im going to comment on this because texas is my college and just wait my Cousin’s going to take over next year just wait he’s a sophemore now and he won the bowl for us last year look for him Colt

  9. You guys are just sore that Vince Young kicked the whole vaunted USC team’s butt virtually by himself. I am reading a SC site because I googled “Vince Young”. Sorry for interupting.

  10. fuck all of yall Vince is the shit and if im not mistaking he is making more money then all of yall bitches with this bullshit ass website. you know who the real dumbass is “Reggie faget ass Bush”. Don’t Hate VY is the greatest.

  11. I just thought about Vince running it into the end zone against USC and thought about all those poor USC fans who went home crying that night, and laughed at their expense.

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