Vince Young is a dumbass

The infamous “Wonderlic” is basically an IQ test for NFL prospects. We have been guilty of accusing Vince Young of not being a bright guy before…. well eventhough we don’t put all our faith in a “test”, it appears we were more than right.

Vince Young scored a “6” on the Wonderlic. The lowest score is technically zero, but you get a point for writing your name and one of the questions is “What is the 9th month of the year”, which is multiple-choice by the way.


So Texas coach Mack Brown heard about this and nearly exploded (time for damage control).

Then news came that the test was improperly graded? (It’s multiple choice!) And then further word came from the Houston Chronicle that Vince Young was allowed a “do-over” and he got a “16”. Hahahahahahaha! Good job Einstein!


Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

65 thoughts on “Vince Young is a dumbass

  1. Bitter party of two. Your table is ready. You girls are a bunch of losers. You could handle the “UH HARD FOUGHT WIN… UH I MEAN LOSS” and you spread rumors on VY because he kicked your ass in the Rose Bowl. Time for next year you LOSERS. Get over yourselves and go back to smokin weed and being good hippies.

  2. Hey JK,
    If we are such losers why are you reading Trojan websites and caring enough to make comments? Longhorn fans gloated a plenty, made fun of Lienart’s post-game comments, the SC cheerleader pic thing, and circle-jerked with LSU fans over some silly billboard idea. Now you whine when Trojans make fun of Rhodes Scholar Vince Young? What’s a matter, you guys can dish it out but not take it? Geezus, Longhorn fans win the championship and STILL cry like bitches. Go live in the middle east if a cartoon gets you all pissed off. ha ha!

  3. Well, the people here at this site sure don’t hesitate to say the most despicable and despariging things about a person, erroneous rumors notwithstanding. People really need to use caution before they write things about another person, because the words that someone says or writes about another can be very hurtful. On the other hand, maybe I’m naive to always want to see the best of people. In a world where people don’t think twice before doing and saying the absolute worst to their fellow man, I’m certaintly not surprised by what I read here.

  4. I’m an SC fan and I hate hearing SC fans making fun of Vince Young’s diction. If anything, we should never even want to speak his name after what he did to us.

    Fight On!

  5. Well I think its pretty bad when you bring up a player who kicked yalls asses all over the feild.An when i go to burntorangenation they still have Trojans sayin shit so dont say something you don’t know smart ass. Then you think yall are still cool to this day getting shit beat out of yall in the feild i mean my gosh! I think yall should move on and stop thinking about how bad we beat yall and won because we have a championship and yall don’t and we are now said to be Championship central with all are success in all the sports in the Big 12

  6. I know for a fact that he did not make six on the test and I was also told that test was graded wrong when he took it the first time.

    Proof right there from Coach Brown don’t think he would lie about that smart asses

  7. I think its funny how the Texas fans come running in here defending VY. Look, Vince Young is a great athlete, but he isnt exactly Newton. Im starting to think that Texas didnt even run plays with Youngs mental capacity, they just snapped the ball back to Young, told him to run around in the back field and throw it when someone is open or take off running with it. Not that that is a bad game plan in college, but that will get him killed in the NFL yall.

  8. Its called the Zone read play remember it the play that killed USC hmmm?? Gotta know when to keep it or run with it or hand it off or throw it so hmm… Watch some of his videos i know they run plays…

  9. Based on Wonderlic test examples I’ve seen, I estimate that there are at least 22 multiple choice questions on the test, with choices varying from 3 to 5 possible answers. Based upon my analysis, if you randomly selected answers on the multiple choice questions you would likely get 5 of the 22 questions correct. Therefore, if you only answer 39% of the remaining 28 questions correctly, you’d score a 16.

  10. hey I’m a big SC fan and west coast homer but taking shots at Vince is a low blow. Similar to LSU billboard thing. Besides didn’t Marino and Mcnabb get low scores.

    As for JK’s comments on smoking weed and hippies, man youre talking like you never been to Austin? (great place by the way) or are you one of the Austin outsiders who demanded Vince Young go to WR after one loss.

    Gladly smokin’ joints in Austin and LA till I have gets


  11. Vince Young scored close to Mcnabb and Marino and i believe also Drew Brese? Or w/e? And yes Austin is a great town never a boring moment in Austin,Texas

  12. So did all you Texas fans also write these angry emails to ESPN and Fox Sports also? They ran this story as well. Or are you just pissed off cuz a Trojan based site picked up on it. Why are you Texas fans even keeping up with a Trojans site? Are you on our schedule next season? I guess though if my team lost the player that made the team, I would be living in last years match-ups also. If you don’t like the Trojan point of view, then don’t look here.

  13. I am a Longhorn fan who was lucky enough to attend the Rose Bowl this year. It was a fantastic game, and both teams should be proud of their effort. We sat immediantly below the press row, and to a man, they all picked USC to win. We were also in the USC section…the Trojans around us NEVER thought they would lose the game, even when they fell behind. After a world class effort by the Longhorns, led by Vince Young, we came out on top. Afterwards, (and actually before the game as well) every USC fan we met was very gracious. A couple Trojans even bought us drinks at the hotel bar after the game. That’s why it’s such a disappointment to see this post titled “Vince Young is a dumbass.” It’s not about “dishing it out, but can’t take it.” It’s not about “writing angry emails to ESPN and Fox.” Or Vince Young’s “mental capacity.” The fact is USC got beat, and the author of the above article comes off sounding like a pouty five year old. Have some pride in your program….if Young is such a “dumbass” as you say, then how does it make the Trojans look? You lost to a team led by a “dumbass?” You should be agreeing with the dozens of sportswriters around the country who said Vince was the best player in college football in possibly the best game ever played in college football. If you lose, you want to lose to the best, not a “dumbass.”

    Texas 41, USC 38

    Hook ’em!

  14. ESPN has 15 sample questions from the wonderlic, and the real test is 50 questions in 12 minutes. I gave myself 3:30 to do them and got 12/15, and I was trying. Vince Young plays football for a living, and I plan to major in physics – the test is not a cakewalk and the average score of a test taker is 20. Maybe Vince Young isn’t as smart as the average person, maybe he didn’t really care about the test, maybe some of both, but the test had some bona-fide word problems alongside the 9th month of the year, and you don’t get much time at all.

  15. you’re majoring in physics and you got a 12/15? im 14 and i timed myself 3:30, and i missed only one.

  16. I’ve kept this USC link bookmarked since football season because it’s still entertaining. The others have gotten-on with their lives. As long as y’all keep perseverating on your loss to the Longhorns, I’ll be checking in from time to time. Keep stewing…we’ll keep mooing. Hook’em.

  17. USC fans,

    You had a truly great team this year. The NFL will be filled with alums from this class for years to come. That said, Texas was clearly just better. If they played ten games, Texas would probably win seven. Defensively, Texas is better. And on offense, USC would never have an answer for Superman. No sacks in spite of several clean looks. A completion percentage of 75% against a defense with five or six future pros in it. The leadership and composure to bring a team back for a win against a two-time national champion down 12 with six minutes left. All of these things make VY a “dumbass.” Fuck you. You and the rest of the sports media are just jealous of VY and wish he could be yours. You know the difference between “Matty”(Pete Caroll’s pet name for your former quarterback) and VY? When little Matty makes mistakes, it’s because he’s scared. When VY makes them, it’s cuz he wants to make shit happen. We’ll see who’s a better pro. HOOK ‘EM BYatches.

  18. I would agree that this piece is classless.

    To the guy addressing “USC Fans”:

    You’re just wrong dude.

    I stay off Texas blogs because I have enough sense to know I don’t belong there.

    So long,
    And have fun waiting another 30 years for the next Longhorn championship

  19. So long have fun waiting for USC to “reload” because after this year its going to be pretty much impossible!Hook’em Horns!And i am tired of yall saying this is a Trojan website so why are you on it?All the Time on BON there is Trojans saying something smart so yeah just shutup when you don’t know the facts ok?

  20. VY scores a 6 on the wonderlic,hmmmmmm,thinking he must have used at least 1/2 of that low IQ to beat ‘sc.

  21. VY was so tough it took a ref to give him a TD everyone knows he didn’t really have. VY is gonna be like every other black QB in the NFL except Doug Williams…. a LOSER!!!! Hook THIS hornz!!!

  22. Oh come on, martin, the ref was asked after the game if his knee touched…he stuck out his hand with his forefinger and pinkey extended and said, “he was exactly that far off the ground”.

  23. u suns of a bitches need to watch a certain game that occurred january 4th 2006 and then tell me whos the dumbass. I believe it was your qb who threw the interception and it was your star rb who threw that stupid pitch. It sucked so much it reminds of this guy mitchell crane. WHO IS GAY!

  24. the trojans will have more players drafted in the first round than the horns will have in the entire draft, how’s that grab ya?!I can’t wait to see VY’s broken legs ala Michael Vick cause he can’t read a playbook….And he had the nads to meet with Norm Chow? Yea, he’s gonna be a Titan…

  25. I guess you don’t have to be that smart to beat those “sophisticated schemes” devised by the “Defensive Genius.”

  26. Be that as it may, Vince has the ring and the trojans will be known as the team that gave up the greatest individual performance by one player in the history of college football. And, Reggie bush’s (BUSH LEAGUE) downfield lateral was one of the biggest bonehead plays of the season. Nonetheless, Texas won and USC lost. wah,wah,wah,… .

  27. Okay,so VY has a ring, I’m impressed. How many do Matt and Reggie have? And just how many Heisman trophies does that dumb ass have? If you want to talk about facts, read this very carefully. The USC Trojans have won more NCAA Championship titles than anyone else since the NCAA has been in existance, BY FAR!

  28. Okay,so VY has a ring, I’m impressed. How many do Matt and Reggie have? And just how many Heisman trophies does that dumb ass have? If you want to talk about facts, read this very carefully. The USC Trojans have won more NCAA Championship titles than anyone else since the NCAA has been in existance, BY FAR!

  29. usc 38 TEXAS 41

    lets see….USC can’t beat a TEXAS team that has

    a junior qb that isnt even a Heisman winner and

    usc can’t get but one td with Reggie Bushleaguer

    and 82 yds rushing. then Vince scores 2 tds in 6

    minutes to win the game and a 2 point conversion.

    who is the dumbass ?

  30. Just say thanks to the lame ref call giving Mr. Wonderlic the six points and go on home to your cowpies and sheep, oh, and say hi to Dubya for me

  31. “Lame ref” giving Vince the six points?? What about USC v Notre Dame? When Bush carried Matty into the end zone? USC would not have even BEEN to the National Championship game if the refs had made the correct call on that play.

    Bottom line: Texas 41, USC 38

    Hook ’em!

  32. Man Yall that say Vince is stupid are stupid i mean matt got the 10th pick and vince got th 3rd pick and also i mean who cares what he got on a test hes gonna make alot more money den probally most the people that have said he sucks so i think its just jelousy and being a sore looser oh and btw im am aghorn so Hookem

  33. I’m a Californian who went to school in Austin, I live in Los Angeles. You guys never took note of what Vince did to Michigan the year before. Simply, usc never took Texas serious enough. But then again, usc was the best college football team of all time, right? Actually, the best of all time beat you. And by the look of the drawing at the top of this page, usc must also be the most racist college in America, which makes it even sweeter my bro trampled you limp white pricks. There’s something that any test can never measure: Leadership and heart. Remember Seabiscuit? Well, Vince waited till he was looking little Matty Leinart in the eye before he decided to kick it into high gear and become a Texas legend. Carroll also got outcoached left and right, nice clock management Pete. Never underestimate the underdog boyz, now we’re tied in the new century, both having won a national championship. Sorry, LSU won the other one you tried to steal. I hear Leinart went home after the game to the open arms of his boyfriend Nick Lachey where he cried himself to sleep as they spooned the night away. Next time pick a real leader like Vince Young for your team instead of a limp wristed metrosexual who’s hanging with Paris Hilton just to try and convince us he doesn’t smoke sausage on the side. He’s showing his real depth now in the post season. USC=UNIVERSITY of SORRY COCKSUCKERS. Hook em’Horns!

  34. Trojan fan and yes vin** Yo*** carried texas on his back to a victory but please watch how USC gave theme the game by Reggie Bush Lateral pass oh and yeah the incomplete half-back pass. The truth is usc should have won the game by 2 point but we messed up against a good teame so please don’t say texas wooped us they merly capitalized on our mistakes.

  35. What were you guys up to January 4, 2006? I guess you USC boys must have been to busy hanging out with television producers and hollywood culture vultures to realize how this allegedly, unintelligent man whooped the entire University of Spoiled Children’s defense. Hmmm…. And our boy is in camp. Where’s Matty? Holding out for more dough? Just like a LA boy…. Forget about the job at hand as soon as some dough-rey falls in his face.

  36. Hmmmm let’s see…. $58 mil, with $26 mil guaranteed,Rebok contract already inked, already in camp and preping to lead another team to another championship… hope Matt is staying away from all sharp objects while sitting there eating Cheetos and watching re-runs of Extra! Extra! Hook’em!

  37. ahahahahahahaahahahaahahahaahaha!

    it’s halarious that this is on a usc page the guy piled up more rushing/passing yards than your great rb reggie and the loser who can’t sign a contract matty boy. not to mention he basicly beat your entire team by himself.

  38. So, your complaining because you got beat by a retard? If he’s so stupid, how did he beat ya’ll? Inless of course that means ya’ll are dumber than shit as well…

  39. Check this URL out hippie fans
    he might not be the smartest guy in the world but he can add 267 passing yards + 200 rushing yards and 3 TD’s to = A ASS KICKING

  40. Im a big time USC fan, However I am too embarassed to make fun of Vince Young. He made our two heisman trophy winners look like little girls. Someone gifted with his supernatural athletic powers doesnt need to think about anything other than sports.

    Please USC lets not make fun of this guy who tore us a new asshole. I am still bitter as well over how bad he owned us but come on. Its in the past we cant make fun of him we are his bitches.

  41. heres the deal
    you dont have to be a genius to play sports
    anyone can throw a ball with practice
    anyone can run faster with pratice

    some people just do it better than others

    that someone is vince young

    he is making millions of dollars to put on saftey pads and to throw and run a football around a field

    the majority of you will be filling out paper work, sitting in meetings, making deals, some will be flipping burgers and mopping floors for the rest of your lives

    i know i wont be making millions for playing for an hour every weekend

    so dont trash talk someone who is better off than you for doing 1/1000 of the amount of work you will do through out your lifetime

    they just manipulated the system better than you


    all making millions because theyre better than you at something

  42. Blow it out your primadonna anal vestibule di.cklips….you’re a wish I was wanna be whatever SoCal dicklip who can’t handle the fact that VY will dominate the NFL in years to come as a new version of perfection in the QB position.

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