Ohio Hate: a Photo-Retrospective

Ohio State sucks castaway.jpg

About a year ago, in anticipation of the upcoming game against Ohio State, I began to think of all the reasons we have to loathe the Buckeyes. And while the reasons were aplenty, they foremost culminated in two undeserved back-to-back BCS title berths. But during the “brainstorming process” the feeling of disgust grew so strong, I didn’t know how I could possibly express it in words. So I ultimately decided to say very little at all…

A picture is worth a thousand words, never-the-less these pictures will leave you speechless. Welcome to a world that will frighten, tickle and nauseate you to the core. Welcome to the wretched world that is Ohio State.

Oh Shit Ohio State.jpg
Reason Ohio State Sucks #5: Tuba Players Ends up that tuba player’s not supposed to run out late every game and dot the “i”. Ends up he’s just retarded. Yeah. Who would have thought?

Reason Ohio State Sucks #4: Brutus. I’m not even sure what the hell this thing is- with its Charlie Brown sized head. And people tell me he’s supposed to be a nut. All I know is that’s exactly where I’d kick him. He’s asking for it too, his Ohio State loin-cloth looks like a damn bullseye.

Ohio State fans compelation.jpg
Reason Ohio State Sucks #3: The Fans Maybe I’m just jaded growing up in Los Angeles, where a diagnosis of “mild obesity” is not a compliment and toothbrushes are a right afforded to every citizen.

mocking children.jpg
Reason Ohio State Sucks #2: The Players – Look, I know the back to back title losses were tough and your self esteem is probably like nil right now. And yeah, it might make you feel a little better to pick on somebody you could actually beat, but leave the kid alone…then again that kid looks tough and pissed off. Which means he could run circles around your secondary.

Jim Tressel is the Stuff of Nightmares.jpg
Reason Ohio State Sucks #1: Jim Tressel, the stuff of nightmares. – Scary resemblance, no? Watch out, when he loses on Saturday, “Judge Doom” Jim might just try and annihilate Los Angeles once again.

But as horrid as Ohio State is, they’ve got balls. Not the football team of course. But the Women’s Rugby team, who made even a stone-faced Abe Lincoln blush when they posed topless at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C.

topless rugby.jpg

*Special thanks to Mgoblog and Mzone [photos] for hating on OSU for all these years


14 thoughts on “Ohio Hate: a Photo-Retrospective

  1. Laugh now. You Trojan losers aren’t going to be the ones laughing when Ohio State goes to the BCS title game for a third year in a row. Beanie’s gunna run all over you a-holes

  2. “Beanie’s gunna run all over you a-holes”

    – I almost forgot, even the lightning speed of the Internet gets stuck in the time warp that is Ohio. Shouldn’t it be more like “play hop-scotch all over you a-holes?” (That’s in reference to running on one foot for the Buckeye Pride genius)

  3. USC sucks! Thunder and Lightning right in NCAA Sanctions, we’ll see how you feel when all USC’s victories national championships and bush’s heisman get taken away and given to vince young.

  4. im not sure how you can say “two undeserved back-to-back BCS title berths”? before we got rolled by florida. everyone in the country said we were the best team in the nation. last year…who should have been in ahead of us? USC? they lost to stanford!! a 41 point dog!! yeah we played like shit last week but we still won.

  5. yeah we lost 2 stanford………witch den sc beat illini…..witch den if i remember correctly beat u!!!!????osu plays cupcake teams and were bout 2 dismantle THE OSU lol!!!

  6. Here in Ann Arbor we’re looking forward to a solid Bucknut mashing by the Men of Troy. That photo of the old fart sobbing is my favorite Columbus moment, and it didn’t even involve us. Our Sparty cousins stunned the Horseshoe in ’98. I still laugh out loud at that one. GO TROY! We’ll try to bruise up the Irish for you to do the same down the road.

    Adrian Peterson
    Marshawn Lynch
    Darren McFadden
    Beanie Baby Wells – To Be Added

    HISTORY – USC leads Ohio State in the all-time series 11-9-1. From 1975 forward, the Trojans have won all five matches against the Buckeyes, including three Rose Bowl victories, one home game and one away. the first time the two teams met was October 9th, 1937, and yes, the Trojans won that too, 13-12.

  8. that buckeye pride dude is dumb for that “NCAA SANCTIONS” comment…if at all the worse happens and finds usc/bush guilty…they dont re-assign the heisman trophy! retarded! they wouldnt give it to VYoung!!! NCAA records will just show no winner in ’05…better luck next time when trying to down the Men Of Troy!! go back to your own fan site and trash talk amongst people who you can make sense to!!

  9. Live in Ohio now, and I can not wait to see my Trojans destroy the Buckeyes. The fans out here are cocky as hell and need to be taught a lesson.


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