Travis Claridge dies at 27


Travis Claridge died of unspecified causes after being found unconscious at his home in Las Vegas.

In his senior season with the Trojans he was voted the Pac-10’s top offensive lineman and was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2000 NFL draft by the Atlanta Falcons.

Claridge, who was with CFL team, found unconscious [ESPN]

Kyle Bunch

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8 thoughts on “Travis Claridge dies at 27

  1. this year will be. should be.A good year for the trojans despite the losses like matt, regie ,justice, etc. good luck and kick some ass.

  2. * yeah it’s been quite some time since Claridge’s tragic premature death, and i can’t learn anymore about the cause — what is the deal ? *

  3. After being found unconscious at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, he was transported to Saint Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson where he later died at age 27. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported on 10 May 2006 that the cause of death was acute pneumonia, exacerbated by respiratory depression brought on by intoxication with the painkiller oxycodone

  4. I think its kind of fishy how these players lineman to be exact are coming up dead unspecified causes. I think its something up with that but I will find out because there no reason why these young players is coming up unconscious in there homes like that its more to that than just a cold.

    1. your an asshole…i went to elementary school with him…and graduated with his brother…your a dick for talking ill of the dead…go fuck your mother Mike Hawk.

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