James Carville: Blow Up the Rose Bowl


We hate behind-the-scenes hand jobs as much as anyone, but out of fear of being arrested, we’d normally reserve such threatening language for private conversation.

“The most evil thing in the world is the Rose Bowl… until somebody goes there and blows up the Rose Bowl… Remember this… the Rose Bowl… is the focus of all evil. And Southern Cal is part of that.”

Interesting and here we thought it was Hillary Clinton (and her bandwagon of self-righteous supporters, including this LSU alumnus).

Not even the ecstasy of just winning the national championship can assuage the inferiority complex LSU has when it comes to USC.

“If you don’t beat Stanford at home… then shut up!”

“I’ll tell you what, I don’t think USC could beat Georgia.”

“They (USC) beat these idiotic Big-10 teams and then Pete Carroll pops his mouth off!”


Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

0 thoughts on “James Carville: Blow Up the Rose Bowl

  1. Look how ugly he is…of course he is filled with such hatred after god granted him such a mangled face.

    Ugly with an LSU eductation. That’s a double whammy.

  2. he is a mad man but hes right. the rose bowl has to stop the big ten pac 10 love affair, and sc doesnt have a legitmate argument at saying theyre number one because they lost to stanford at home. usc wouldnt beat georgia, lsu, or florida. they would have a hard time getting a winning record in the sec, and lsu are the champs.

  3. USC is undefeated against the SEC during Pete Carrol’s reign. By Severe blowouts too. So i’m not too sure about that. I mean ya SEC is a good conference but i dont believe in the hype everyone makes them out to be.

  4. actually the sec is that good of a conference. usc does not face anywhere near as tough a schedule year in and year out as anybody in the sec. sure they might be better than anyone in the sec but there conference is nowhere near the toughness of the sec. if usc was not in the pac 10, there are 4 sec teams that would win the pac 10 hands down. that is lsu, florida, auburn, georgia. why do you think usc wins the pac 10 every year? its because your conference is not that good.

  5. this carville looks like christopher llyod in who frame roger rabbit… usc beat lsu once before and we can do it again!!!

    fight on!!!!

  6. SEC is definately a tougher conference than the Pac-10. But let’s face it. SEC fans have no life outside of football. Perhaps that’s why people in the south are the most ignorant, closed-minded people in our country. Too many chromosones in their genes I guess.
    PS: Since Pete Carroll, USC is undefeted against the SEC. Hurts, doesn’t it.

  7. Wow Alex, so I guess if we are stereotyping then all people do on the west coast is say dude and whine about their problems on reality shows. So USC beat weak Auburn teams in both 2002 and 2003 and weak Arkansas teams in 2005 and 2006. I guess that means Peteus owns the SEC. I hope you enjoy next season when Peteus is coaching the Falcons.

  8. This is crazy. SEC this, SEC that. Come on now, SC can’t say nothing cuz they should’ve handled business with Stanford. I was crushed with that loss. But as great as the SEC claims to be, it’s top heavy just like every other conference. SC went to Auburn and won 17-0 in Leinart’s first career start. Auburn wasn’t down that year, nice try. Went to Arkansas and blew them out in Booty’s first start. No SEC teams will play a demanding non-conference schedule cuz they claim their conference is so strong but they don’t dominate teams in bowl games! LSU you got your title, congrats but don’t talk up the SEC like it’s all that. Like I said top heavy. Georgia can’t say nothing cuz they got blasted at Tennessee who by the way got blasted by Cal. And tell Carville that Ohio St. is an idiotic Big 10 team too! Fight On!!!!

  9. I do agree with Carville in that the Rose Bowl is evil. The Rose Bowl doesn’t do USC any favors with its worthless Big Ten – Pac 10 tradition. The Rose Bowl is also a major force preventing college football fans from enjoying a playoff system. Therefore, the demise of the Rose Bowl would be better for USC, the SEC, and college football as a whole.

  10. carville is a idiot and he speaks because he is an alume sure usc lose to standford……with injuries. does carville have any fuckin say in anything? bull that usc couldnt beat any other team…..most seem to forget that inuries play a huge factor in sports. ill take away tom brady and randy moss and i would love to see how the pats do! come on people this is football get your shit together! carville is nothing but a waste of space! lets all rememeber in old school when will farrell beat him in the debate 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. What is it with blowing things up? I hope Carville isn’t advocating that somebody should actually do that. With the world the way it currently is, I hope he isn’t inviting any terrorist group, foreign or domestic, to complete his assignment. Terrorist believe the USA is the root of all evil, an now the Rose Bowl? I don’t believe that he is a terrorist, not one bit, but to listen to his words and the emotion in his voice, I’m not so sure. Again, I don’t believe that he is a terrorist. I believe he is as American as apple pie. So I’ll let him slide with this, until someone takes his words to heart.

  12. i hate when these usc fans blame the loss to stanford on injuries. i mean it was STANFORD. they’re no powerhouse. nobody said injuries dont make a difference but they shouldnt when you play a team like stanford. and usc only beat arizona by 7; thats as good as a loss. usc wouldnt beat georgia, and there are 5 to 6 teams in the sec that would be number 1 in the pac 10 if usc wasnt there. the pac 10 is always usc and 9 cupcakes. you pac 10 fans got mad at les miles earlier in the season because you know he was right when he was implying the pac 10 is not a strong conference. and this year it was a little stronger than normal because usc wasnt the only good team but its not even close to the sec. georgia or florida will win the national title next season and that will be 3 in a row for the sec. name a team other than usc in the pac 10 that even has a chance for next season.

  13. Apparently some LSU fans will NEVER forget having to share a title with USC in 2003. They win the NC this year and still some of them can’t shut up about it. For god’s sakes, get over it already and move on…. USC has.

  14. FYI all you morons James Carville graduated from USL (University of Southern Louisiana) NOT LSU, he is just a major LSU fans like all loyal Louisianans. So get your facts straight before you post it on your lame school website.

  15. USC doesn’t want a playoff because they will FINALLY be exposed, as an inferior team, who dwells on Div. II talent, in turn goes undefeated almost every year, and always claims part of the national championship. RIDICULOUS!

    The SEC is 5-0 in BCS National Championship games, and has ONLY 2 BCS losses since it’s existence. That’s DOMINATION!

    USC might be undefeated vs. SEC teams, but they’ve only played the cellar dwellers of the SEC, so give that argument a break.

    The SEC has 6 teams w/ 30+ players in the NFL. No other conference has more than ONE!

    Carvilles absolutely right…and until USC had the balls to “blow up the Rose Bowl” they can continue to blow the AP/LA media, and get the AP trophy every year, while the SEC continues WINNING crystal balls!

  16. In response to USC sucks…. “USC SUX!”

    Initially, after reading your post I figured you were kidding…. there is no way anyone could be that stupid…. but then again its also possible that you are just a typical SEC redneck who knows nothing about football and truly are an ignorant moron…. so in response to a few of your statement…

    USC actually DOES want a playoff… pete has said this many times…

    USC does not dwell on D 2 team.. you are getting confused with the SEC teams who combined played countless D 2 schools this year… in fact, USC is one of three or four schools that has NEVER played a D 2 school in the history of the school…

    USC does not ALWAYS claim a portion of the championship… it only happened in 2003 when the BCS was more flawed than it is now and the computers kept USC, who was clearly the best team, out of the title game… LSU is lucky and should feel blessed that they were given the crystal that year even though they were not that good…

    USC plays the best competition from the SEC not the DWELLERS… auburn home/away won both and auburn was ranked #5 or so one of those teams… Arkansas a few years later and Arkansas won the SEC West that year…. not exactly dwellers haha… i could go on but I don’t have USC’s schedule for the past 6 years in front of me…

    Look at the SEC’s 5-0 record in BCS NTs and who they have played… part of the reason the record is good is because they are getting paired up against teams that should not be there…

    Lastly, the success of players from college to the NFL doesn’t mean anything in college… look at players like Troy Smith, White, etc… so having 30 players from 6 teams (which might not be true though I wouldn’t be too surprised because people from the south sadly have nothing in their life but football) doesn’t mean much in regards to the discussion of best teams in CFB…

    Well, refuted every single point you made… quite easily actually… you, along with James Carville, are an idiot. Thanks for playing.

  17. Il-logical, no I’m not kidding one bit, USC football is a joke, and the only thing “great” about it, is all the attention it gets!

    Pete Carrols just RECENTLY changed his tone on the BCS. He’s always objected to a playoff, because of the money USC makes every year off the Rose Bowl(then he can’t pay players), and the fear of being exposed by many better teams. USC has a field day in the Pac-10, much like OU & UT in the Big XII. Undefeated every year, No competition!

    LSu played Appalachian State, the Div-II team you were talking about, and we demolished the SAME team that last year beat Michigan at the Big House. Oh yeah, and they won the Div. II National Championship. And yes USC does, and has played Div II teams. Every year, most of their schedule, it’s called the Pac-10. Tha’s why I put up the stat about the amount of NFL players from the SEC compared to the Pac-10. It clearly shows the talent level in the SEC being much more superoir tha the Pac-10. We play NFL caliber talent all year, witht he exception of one or two Div-II teams. You play ALL Div.II(the Pac-10) all year, with exception with one or two touigh games all year. The difference is much more than who you play, too. Having to play hated rival with NFL qualoty, back to back to back to back to back, is somehting USC has NEVER experienced. They get for one game of the year, the Rose Bowl! WEAK! No conference championship game, and Div.II conference.

    The SEC is 5-0 ALL TIME in BCS National Championship games. You said “because their opponents don’t deserve to be there”. We agree, we should’ve been playing another SEC team, but what can you do, you play the schedule given to you, and they’ve dominated the BCS! The Natioanl Championship should go tot the SEC champ.

    Now that I put all your lame USC cry-baby arguments to rest, keep watching you minor league version of college football, while the SEC continues to dominate! Until they’res a playoff, USC will continue to be sheltered by the LA media, and miss out on what real football is all about, THE SEC!

  18. I like how you only bothered to respond to have the things I said… you didn’t have the stones to try to refute everything I said because you know that I am right and you got called out by me tearing apart your first post…. and then the things you did mention most of them were not straight up not true, you trying to be witty and clever in an attempt to avoid the facts, etc… you are not worth my time because its clear you are an SEC redneck who does nothing more than f^*k your cousins and drink donkey piss beer all day but i’ll point out just a few of your many flaws in your post…

    Pete Caroll has been against the BCS system and for a playoff since he got to USC and you seem to think his opinion is now out of the blue… ESPN has recently just started focusing on him and his opinion of late because ESPN and the country knows that USC should be in the title game but the BCS system prevents it and the opinion of the coach who is getting screwed is interesting to hear about… do you understand? if it is interesting to hear about the media will focus on it to increase their ratings… too complicated for you? don’t worry about it then… moving on…

    Secondly, USC does not pay their players… I know you don’t base any of your arguements off facts or statistics.. in case you were confused, I noticed you were mentioning OU so I am going to assume you were thinking that OU (they had plenty of violations a few years back) instead of USC…. or maybe you were just not thinking at all… that is more likely…

    The fact that you are raving about beating app state which beat michigan (who was a joke that year but still somehow beat overrated florida in a bowl game hahaha) is pathetic.. and they won the DII… hahaha again… its sad that you have to be proud of that… DII is not even close to DI play…

    Calling Pac 10 teams DII makes you sound like an idiot trying to funny and witty… Pac 10 is 11-7 (or something close to that) against the SEC this decade…

    And SEC plays tough games all year? Having to play “hated rival with NFL qualoty all year back to back to back” is tough? Firstly, crawl out of your shell, every conference has hated rivalries, you just seem to only know about the SECs because, surprise surprise, you are an ill informed and ignorant SEC fan! Secondly, SEC strength of schedules this year were not above the PAC 10s and they rarely have been in the last decade… I know you don’t like facts and would rather yell the same insanity filled statements over and over again about how good the SEC is but if you would like to not be an idiot, you can go on ESPN, check out the Sargarian ratings, etc to find out exactly how easy the SEC is… an example all from ONE schedule by overrated LSU… TULANE, APP STATE, TROY, NORTH TEXAS, etc and its the same with all the SEC teams… congrats you play the worst schools possible and head into the conference play all at 4-0 and ranked… the only good team this year from SEC is Florida… Alabama? Hah they beat other jokes and overrated teams but still lost to Florida and UTAH! (oregon state the #3 pac 10 team led and if not for a missed field goal would have beaten utah but the #2 SEC team couldn’t even keep it close) Georgia? Lost to Georgia Tech, throttled by florida, got embarrassed by the same alabama team I just explained to you was horrible, and squeeked by Michgan State in a bowl game… whats next? you going to make a case for ole miss? vandy, lsu, auburn, etc? haha you are out of your mind… oh yea.. pac 10 went 5-0 in bowls btw…

    Once again, I responded to all of your posts and pwned the sh*$ out of you… thanks for playing…

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