Former-USC Women’s Volleyball Coach Cuts Entire ASU Cheer Squad

FoxNEWS is picking up a story from that Lisa Love, USC’s Women’s Volleyball Coach (1989-98), and now Arizona State’s Athletic Director, made the decision late Thursday evening to cut the entire cheer squad from next year’s event because of a photo that features 6 of the cheerleaders posing in nothing but their bras and panties.

Although only six members of the squad are shown in the photographs, the entire 16-member squad will suffer the consequences, MyFOXPhoenix reported.

The cheerleaders told MyFOXPhoenix that the photographs were a result of college kids goofing off, and they believe the decision to disband the team has been in the works for a while. The photographs are two years old, and were taken at a “cheer party.”

Now to the picture… not that we need to tell you something about ASU cheerleaders is NSFW, but click the Continued… button to see what all the fuss is about.

Arizona State University Cuts Cheerleading Squad After Racy Photos Surface on Blog []

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0 thoughts on “Former-USC Women’s Volleyball Coach Cuts Entire ASU Cheer Squad

  1. Wait, I’m confused…did they cut the girls who DID partake in these photos, or the ones who didn’t?

  2. I for one would like to stand up to say that I am extremely glad that Lisa Love is standing up for chastity and family values.

    There have been entirely too many former ASU cheerleaders making their way into the porn industry lately, and if it were to continue, I think it might develop into a bad thing for the USC recruiting efforts.

  3. Hey, thanks for noticing. But I guess that necessity is the mother of invention; i.e. one’s gadar gets pretty good when one’s on the prowl.

    Will some practice snaps be in yours and my future? FYI – I play QB. But when and where would you like to get together? My place or yours? Should we swap photos first? Or perhaps it just doesn’t even matter.

  4. The girls were having fun, That’s how it is now a days so let it rest. She obviously has a big head considering she became the athletic director and she wants to show off the power. Thats exactly what women do when they become in charge and really is too bad. thats exactly how my secratary’s are… what a shame of a great lookin squad.

  5. Cheerleader’s don’t wear much more than that in the first place so I don’t see the big deal. They’re actually wearing more clothing than they would if they were at the beach. It looks like Lisa Love might be angry because none of these girls will have sex with her.

  6. of course there going into porn you fucking tard what else do you do after college cheering some go pro others go pron its a natural cycle

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