Know Your Song Girls: Lauren

TrojanWire is proud to present Know Your Song Girls — a salute to the women who, since 1968, have made up the greatest cheerleading squad in the history of collegiate athletics. A group that’s been called a “national treasure” and “God’s gift to the sidelines” — the world-famous University of Southern California Song Girls.

Photo Credit: Paul Goldberg, USC Song Girls official site

Lauren is a junior art history major who’s enjoying her first year as a Song Girl. She hails from the Highland Park area in Dallas, looks forward to a career in the fashion industry or the arts, and says that the person who influences her most is Jesus Christ.

If someone told you that you had to pick the Highland Park girl out of the Song Girl group photo, it’d probably take all of two seconds to figure out it’s Lauren. With her platinum blonde locks and bluer-than-blue eyes, Lauren is a posterchild for Dallas’s uberwealthy progeny. Not a single hair out of place. Just the right amount of makeup. When she ramps the smile up to 11, the Hallelujah choir actually plays. There is even a rumor that she actually smells just like Blue Bell ice cream (but we’ve yet to confirm).

Photo Credit: Timothy of Murrieta/USCFOOTBALLFAN.COM

In honor of Highland Park, we decided a tribute to our favorite all-time primetime soap opera about rich people (and no, it’s NOT Dallas) seemed appropriate here:

We could go on for days about Lauren, but how can you follow hamburger penis? Besides, the risk of tarnishing Lauren’s pristine reputation any further is more than we can bear.

So we’ll let a collection of photos of pure and innocent Lauren make up for our lacking decorum:

Photo Credit: Timothy of Murrieta/USCFOOTBALLFAN.COM

lauren_team_04_650.jpgPhoto Credit: Timothy of Murrieta/USCFOOTBALLFAN.COM

Photo Credits: Timothy of Murrieta/USCFOOTBALLFAN.COM

Check back next week for another installment of Know Your Song Girls. Only on TrojanWire.

Lauren [USC Song Girls official site]

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