Interview with Mike Nyeholt

Where can you see USC Song Girls in bikinis and Will Ferrell in an undersized speedo? USC McDonald’s swim stadium, of course. But the annual Swim with Mike event is more than just gorgeous women and Will Ferrell’s body hair. In its 29th year, the Swim with Mike fundraiser has provided over $9 million in scholarships so that physically challenged athletes could attend institutions of higher learning.

It all started as a benefit for Mike himself, a three-time all American Trojan swimmer, who was paralyzed in a motorbike accident in 1981. Since then Mike has returned every year to swim for other physically challenged kids, so that they could achieve their dreams and attend college. Since its inception, the organization has handed out 77 scholarships to student athletes around the country.

The Morning Swim Show with Peter Busch recently performed an interview with Mike. Follow the jump to see the interview, and Mike’s inspiring story.

“I ask people to come to the event because it’s a big pool party. I’m so grateful about how much good has come out of what happened to me.” – Mike Nyeholt


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