Matt Barkley on Dan Patrick Show: 1-20-2011

Dan Patrick interview Matt Barkley about his offseason, his future at USC and Matt’s trip to Nigeria.

If you haven’t seen or read anything about the trip Barkley made to Africa on his holiday break click here for a video of his experience and interview with Jordan Moore at Matt traveled with his family and friends to Nigeria to do charity work in some of the local villages. After watching and reading about his experience you probably shouldn’t sweat the small things and just appreciate what you have. Here is a little of what Matt said about his trip:

It was eye-opening to see how intent the Nigerians were about everyday interactions. I saw their faith and joy and gratitude in the littlest things. We’d be with them in a hut with dirt on the floor, no beds, and skinny goats in the back and barely any wheat growing in the fields, and yet they were so thankful to be alive.

It helped me realize I need to do a better job of seeing value in everything that comes in my path and be thankful for the littlest things. It’s hard to keep that attitude when you come back to a society like ours that is more privileged and entitled.

To listen to Dan Patrick interview Matt Barkley click here.

Photo by Icon Sports Media

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